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Interesting Dog Training

What does a lost dog, criminals and a sick child have in common?  I know this seems like the opening of a really bad joke.  However it is about a warm and fuzzy feeling that people get when they feel the world is not lost.  We have a lost dog needing to find a home and a purpose for her life.  Criminals in prison trying to redeem to society for there crimes, and a very sick child.  Here is the long and short of it.

An employee of a police department has a very sick epileptic child.  This young girl is Dog in Training Seizure Alert Dogfor all intensive purposes and normal teenager.  Except for the fact that she has violent seizures and can not be left alone at all.  When she is taken by a seizure she is completely helpless and unable to call for help.  Her life is tethered to a nurse or a friend or family member 24 hours per day.  Absolutely no freedom or alone time, for a teenager this is very hard. 

In comes the Seizure Alert Dog.   What is a Seizure Alert Dog?  Shelby here is an aussie mix that was a stray.  Now she is getting very close to becoming a certified Seizure Alert Dog.  Her job is very important and requires lots of training and very well thought out goals for her to learn.  Shelby’s job will be to offer comfort to this child when and after a seizure occurs.  Shelby is also being trained to activate a emergency transmitter that will signal family and friends of the child’s active seizure.  Shelby is having to learn how recognize the symptoms of a seizure.  When she sees her owner began a seizure she has to activate the radio and lay be the owners side alerting with barking to get help.

Example : A few short weeks ago our teenager simpley went to the bathroom at school, taken by a seizure she was along and unable to signal for help.  In a few weeks this same situation well be much less dangerous.  Shelby would be by her side at all times.  In the example above this girl head was cut open and no one new she was in trouble.  Shelby will be able to activate the transmitter signaling the school nurse and friends of the child that she is in trouble.  With in seconds our child will have her whole support team rushing to assist.

Shelby is being trained by prisoners at Albermarle Correctional Facility.  She is part of the New Leash On Life Prison dog training program. 

Stanley county Humane Society, North Carolina Prison System and volunteers run this program.  

If you would be interested in helping the cause with

Charlotte Dog Daycare | Charlotte Dog Boarding Kennel | Charlotte Dog Daycare Pool | Charlotte Dog Training Boot Camp